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Instant Snow In A Can Just Add Water Non Toxic

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Simple to use, easy to clean up and safe for all ages, Instant Snow is good fun that everyone can enjoy.
Simply measure out the right amount of powder contained in the packaging and add water according to the included instructions. Before you know it, it will have expanded over 100 times its original size and you’ll have made very realistic cold wet snow!
An amazing product that will have you wondering whether you have in fact created real snow, once hydrated Instant Snow will last for a few days. When it starts to dry out, simply rehydrate it for more snow or store it away to make again another day. And if you chill your Instant Snow it will be even more realistic.
Add some food colouring and you’ve created coloured snow. Instant Snow is the next best thing to real snow, except it doesn’t melt. The only thing you can’t do with it is eat it!
Instant Snow is made from polymer and is non-toxic.
There’s no safer or cleaner way to bring the magic of snow indoors this Christmas!